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Siwan stated that the lander will make a soft landing at a distance of 650 kilometers from the south pole of the moon. If the landing is successful, India will become the fourth country to have a probe on the moon after Russia, the United States and the United States.

The Indian Ministry of Defense issued a statement saying that the test launch was jointly conducted by the National Defense Research and Development Organization and the "BrahMos" Aerospace Corporation. The statement pointed out that this cruise missile has India's self-produced propulsion system, missile body, power system and other main components. The successful test launch marks that the localization of this weapon has reached a very high level.

The Mark family accepted an interview after winning the prize [Save to album]"

This is the scene of the disaster taken in Assam, India on July 16. According to Indian media reports on the 15th, the recent continuous rains have caused floods in many parts of India. At present, nearly 50 people have died and more than 4.4 million people have been affected. The Indian Meteorological Department predicted on the 15th that there will still be heavy rainfall in northeastern India in the next two or three days. hair

According to Minar, the arrival of Yi Ling broughtus mega millions a lot of joy to the Indian family. Minar's mother liked Yi Ling very much and took good care of her. Yi Ling has lived in this Indian family for more than 7 years. To a certain extent, this Indian brought her up.